Villanova vs. Texas Tech odds: 2018 NCAA Tournament Elite 8 picks from advanced computer model

The seeds of Villanova and Texas Tech No. 3 will meet on Sunday at the 8th Elite National Equestrian Championship 2018 at 2:20 pm. ET. Wildcats are favored by 6.5 points, without changes from the opening line. The surplus, or the total number of points that Vegas believes, will be recorded, which is 144.5.

Before making any sort of selection, you need to know what the advanced computer says in SportsLine. This model simulates each game 10,000 times and introduces Elite Elite in a career from 27 to 15 in their college basketball selections.

It was also very hot when Villanova chose the NCAA Championship, having installed the three point selections in matches played by wild cats. Anyone who follows these choices is very high.

Now he has a simulation of Villanova vs. Texas Tech 10,000 times and got amazing results.

We can say that they ask for a score of 145 points, with the rest removed at half a point. It has a much stronger choice against proliferation, with one side supporting nearly 65 percent of the time. This is the choice you absolutely need to see.

This model took into account the good performance of the Wildcats ride through the NCAA Championship in 2018. While the other main contenders declined, Villanova (33-4) achieved expectations of three wins on average. From 23 points.

He appeared in the attack on Villanova because of two-gallon Brunson (19.3 points in the game) and Michael Bridges (18 points per game). After landing 90 points in West Virginia at Sweet 16, the wild cats “Elite-A” enter the highest scoring score, averaging 87 points.

This unit will be tested to a large extent against Texas Tech.

Although they are from seed No. 3, the red invaders (27-9) were surprised. Many of them took an early start in March 2018 madness after losing five of the last seven games at NCAA.

But they have returned to play in the defense elite, keeping their opponents up to now 66 points or less, in line with their season average (64.6).

If they play at this defensive level against Wildcats, Red Raiders have the opportunity to keep this within the spread, and can even advance to Final Four for the first time in school history.

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